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BAND: Radiohead
ALBUM: In Rainbows
YEAR: 2007
Been listening to this album non-stop for the past 2 or so months. Really! I think it’s that good. In order to comment on this particular album, Radiohead’s latest – released on the 10th of October of 2007 -, I must get on the bandwagon.
The band’s most critically acclaimed recording is 1997s OK COMPUTER. I will not go down that path; plus, I’m writing about their latest record, not their third. So, in order to avoid clichès, or at least attempt to, it must be noted that the 1997 album is indeed a great one.
However, and being that I have been an avid listener since their first release, PABLO HONEY, from 1993, I must say that IN RAINBOWS has had the greatest effect on me. It has a “different” vibe, which I am unable to put into proper English terms. While it wanders into technological waters, with synthesisers and drum machines, it appears to have a very strong rock feel. Literally, a feel, like something very edgy and profound – as if to say “there is more where that came from” and “we are that fucking good”. The first track, in particular, is mesmorising – 15 STEP. At about the 2 minutes into the song, following the chorus, and Thom Yorke’s subtle “etcetera, etcetera…” comes a big-bang of a bassline, just to foreshadow the next minute of music. You can’t get off a better start than that. Then, the second tune, BODYSNATCHERS – what an amazing sort of scratchy – distorted guitar (or is it a bass, please forgive my ignorance). One of the most trippy songs, ALL I NEED, has so much more than what you hear the first time. You have to get past scratching the surface. Get into the song, feel the grandiose and powerful synthesisers. The quiet, almost creepy drums, give way to Yorke’s desperate, but cool and soft voice. And to top it off, JIGSAW FALLING INTO PLACE has a sweet accoustic tone. The mellow introduction with the soft, or better yet, the delicate drum line and guitar make for an almost very upbeat track. Great, great stuff. Outstanding!
That’s how I feel with regards to this album, their greatest achievement, in my humble opinion. I forecast major beatings for these published words. Trust me though, guys, I am a faithful Radiohead fan. I just seem to have enjoyed this particular effort by far the most. No offense to their previous releases.

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  1. Congrats, my friend. Well done. For starters, a great piece of work. I’ve just marked your blog into my favorites.

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