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Ok, now, I had to get this one in. It’s one of the all-time best, and I don’t think it’s arguable, even for those who despise the “grunge” movement. This album is not only an outstanding achievement – a great listen -, but it’s innovative to the point of establishing new musical parameters and setting trends in music. I’m pretty sure NEVERMIND, NIRVANA’S second album, from 1991, will be on lots of people’s top 10 albums of the 1990s or even all-time for a long time to come. These guys revolutionised. Their sound is straight-forward rock. And even though Kurt Cobain may have said they knew little about the instruments they played, they sounded great.
Dave Grohl was one of my first influences, actually one of the main ones that led me to take up the drums. His heavy hitting, precise tempo just blew me away. There’s so much cymbals and rides, it’s crazy!!! I still love his skills. It’s got kind of like a controlled rage sort of feeling. Kurt’s manners, his cut-up William S. Burroughs influenced lyrics and his slurry demeanor makes for a great combination, all tied up with Krist Novoselic’s steady bass.
The variety of the album, their second official release – a follow-up to a great debut, BLEACH -, is also a great accomplishment. Not many bands before, during and after the 1990s managed to display such an array on their releases. All the songs on this album are great. From start to finish, you’ll have fun. The songs are a mix of heavy, hard hitting jams to some cooler, mellower bass driven melodies. Just brilliant. Kurt’s scratchy and scruffy voice sounds perfect while belching out lyrics, blending in to the mean guitar riffs and heavy drums.
This band deserves a lot of credit – hopefully it gets it and will continue to get it for many, many years to come. As a friend once said “there hasn’t really been any album after NEVERMIND that I could listen to from beggining to end and really enjoy it”. I’ll give him credit for such a bold statement. He’s probably right. I mean, an album of this calibre, at least in my lifetime, is hard to come by. So, come to think of it, I guess it is true. There was true genius at work back in ’91. It’s such a simple album, yet so complex. I think it’s greatly misunderstood; many critics assume they were lousy musicians that came together and made a record; others believe this to be their masterpiece, some even comparing Cobain to Lennon. Now, I don’t wanna step on any toes or stir up new unfruitful debates over better or worse, right or wrong, I’m just exposing my views. But, if I had to take a stand, I’d say “isn’t that what rock and music is supposed to be about???!!!” A bunch of guys getting together to make music, regardless of any profit or commercial success??? Shouldn’t that be the point? Make music, have fun, fuck it. Remember that one of the greatest recordings in history was put together in not too different a manner; I’m talking of KIND OF BLUE, considered Miles Davis’ magnus opus. A bunch of musical geniuses got together and put out perhaps the greatest jazz record ever. Well, I’m not comparing NIRVANA to Miles Davis or John Coltrane. What I’m trying to say is that sometimes all you need is a good vibe and a studio. These three guys pulled it off.
For the songs, well, I guess I could say, again, that the first is one of the best in the history of first tracks. SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT is bound to become one of those songs that go down in history and marks a before and after phase, like before LIKE A ROLLING STONE and after. I am being pretty bold, aren’t I?! Personal favourite, the one I used to listen too all day, was LITHIUM (I only found out it was a drug many years later). I love the quiet and subtle intro, just with a ride, bass and soft guitar. When the chorus comes it’s havoc. Cobain goes controlled crazy. “yeahhhhh yeahhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” I have a similar feeling towards DRAIN YOU. I like the drums, of course. the double snare is pretty cool, and how about those cymbals???!!! I remember getting this CD back in 1991 and of all my friends talking about a “hidden track”. About fifteen minutes after the last tune there’s some hidden material. It was so cool back then. Anyone share this experience?

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