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ARTIST – Buddy Holly
ALBUM – Greatest Hits
YEAR – 1996

For anyone who’s never heard of or, perhaps, never really gave Mr. Holly a chance, this is a great album. It has all of his classic tunes, ballads and rock n’ roll alike. I just wish I had grown up during his time – to have the feeling of listening to something so new. He is the real pioneer of ROCK N’ ROLL. Forgive me all of you who have these obscure notions of where the genre came from and what not, but this man, Charles Hardin “Buddy” Holley, was the real deal – he created Rock N’ Roll. What’s happening now, actually, for some time now, is bollocks. This shit people put out these days. Really, WTF???!!! I don’t think I’ve heard anything decent in at least 10 or more years. And I’ve been listening, seeking out new talents and bands; it’s hopeless.
So, back to Mr. Holly. Like many past greats, he too was the victim of a tragic and untimely death – an airplane crash. His legacy, however, is vast, forever changing music and actually introducing a completely new style and genre. How about that? Everything, I mean everything, literally, that has come after this guy played is thanks to him. All guitar riffs and choruses and vibe and flow and just all around rock n’ roll did not exist before Buddy. He invented it!!! Go now and search the net for his bio and his legacy. Do it, now!!! After you listen to anything Buddy Holly put out, during his very short active life, you will be changed. You just have to pay attention, realise that the times were different. In other words, put yourself in the appropriate context. Here’s a lame suggestion: think of Back to The Future (the first one), where Marty goes back to 1950 something to his father’s high school prom. It’s kind of like that – in so many words…
So, let’s get to it, the album. I know this is not an original LP release, it’s a compilation of his greatest. But I think it’s appropriate for it has a very good lineup of songs – a good mix of rock n’ roll and nice ballads. It’s a good starter, like I mentioned before, for those who are not familiar with his music.
“That’ll Be The Day”, the first track, is perhaps the most famous, together with “Everyday”. Now, pay attention, listen to these songs, closely, and tell me, how simple is that?! A little guitar riff, quiet bassline and a voice. It’s almost too good. But in fact it really is that fucking good!!! “Everyday” is one of my favourites. It’s so cool, with the clap sounding background that carries the whole song – all the way to the end. The little xylophone – I could be wrong – is really cool. Such a sweet song, like “Words of Love”- another favourite -, will make you think this guy is all about ballads, but then he mixes it up with pure and groundbreaking rock n’ roll. “Not Fade Away” is brilliant. Keep up with me, paying close attention to the sound of the music – doesn’t it sound familar? Well, it’s because all of the musical realm was forever changed by Buddy Holly and his music. That’s why – everybody after him sold out and copied his style!!!
Bare with me, just a couple of more songs I must get in here. Listen to “Oh Boy”, about half was through, he shouts and screams – lots of emotion – kind of like… Like modern day punk. Listen, then come back with words. The mid-fifties were a very cool time, looking back. Last song and I’m off. It’s “Bo Diddley”. Words can’t really do it. You’ll have to trust me and listen to it. This one is really the epitome of cool, the definition of rock n’ roll.


  1. Para mim, a música bem como o cinema se aproximam da beleza dionísica concebidos como uma embriaguez. Dificilmente alguns de nós aturdimos com determinados detalhes na vida. O cinema…a música são como um bom romance ou uma pintura num quadro, quando podemos nos inebriar com uma canção, seja essa ligeira ou erudita… Alguns gostam igualmente do rock e de Mozart. Para mim, existe um diferencial entre ambos:você, sempre me apresentando novas artes e me permitindo contemplá-las ao seu lado. Lindo o texto! admiro-o demais! Amo-te

  2. Nice job. Keep it.

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