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ALBUM – Modern Guilt
YEAR – 2008

Our friend Beck Hansen, a.k.a Bek David Campbell, released, this year, his latest MODERN GUILT. I’ve been on it for the past few weeks and must say it is both surprising and not. The contradiction is that ever since this guy’s been putting stuff out, it’s been good. His albums don’t get boring – they all seem to be new, reaching for something different. Beck appears to reinvent himself every couple of years or so with his records. They are all great. This, his latest, is not my favourite, but it’s definitely worth a mention. It’s an incisive record, well produced and very creative. He brings back some old sounds, very early rock n’ roll kind of stuff and mixes it up with synthesisers and what not. Really good effort by one of Scientology‘s preachers. This will be short; I’ve been keeping busy… Be back soon with some more reports…
‘Til then, cheers…

One Comment

  1. Já havia baixado “Chemtrails” e, exatamente como você comentou, achei a música boa e ruim. Deve refletr o espírito do albúm como um todo. De qualquer forma, não ouvi-o por inteiro, mas sua análise parece precisa. Keep up the good work!!!

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