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ALBUM – Exile On Main Street
ARTIST – The Rolling Stones
YEAR – 1972

Alright, alright, alright (just remember Woody in Dazed and Confused)… They were going to a Kiss concert, though, in the movie – not my cup of tea. But, here it is, a big, big album. Big in the sense that this separates those who consider today’s artists’ music rock n’ roll from those who actually played rock n’ roll, and know their shit. It was a good time back then, must have been, anyways. It’s like I mentioned in a past post, regarding Buddy Holly – he started this whole thing out.

The Rolling Stones earlier recordings are incredible; the band kept doing what the master many years prior had started. Nevertheless, the reason I chose this particular album is ’cause I have it here at hand, on CD, and has been with me for some time, so it’s sort of grown on me. I don’t think it’s their best, but this is, simply put, KICK ASS!!! So bluesy and so cool and so rock n’ roll. These guys were good musicians to begin with, when they were but in their teens – they all seemed predestined to greatness.

Yes, I agree, they have gotten old and the music is not as raw and funky and just fucking good as it was back in the days, but they still put out decent records. They’re performances on stage are also something to emphasise, for they just put it all out there. It’s hard to come by good, consistent bands like this, in any time of history. take a minute here to think about it. How many bands can you actually say have put out either good to great records for over 3 decades? Yeah, thought so…

Which brings me to this, Exile On Main Street, and its 19 tracks. First off, just check out the title of the first track, “Rocks Off”. I haven’t figured out what it means yet (supposedly something related to an orgasm), but it sounds really fucking cool, the title and the song, of course. Excellent start to a memorable recording. My favourite of the album is probably “Shake Your Hips”. The groove is just so steady and sweet. You can feel it getting New Orleans hot and steamy. This is a sexy, sweaty tune. “Torn and Frayed” deserves a listen, just as does “Happy”. All the songs are good, damnit!!! It’s not easy writing these posts. Perhaps I should write negative remarks on things I despise, might be easier. Check out the quick, jumpie and bluesy feel of “Turd On the Run” – great!!! Number 14 is the classic “”Let it Loose”, and following it is another one I cherish, “All Down The Line”.

Really though, this band has amazing musicians. As you listen to this or any other of their albums, pay closer attention to Keith Richards’ guitar, to Charlie Watts’ drums (I don’t think a drummer could be any steadier than this individual), and of course, Keith Richards’ raspy, loud and big voice. For other reference, check this and that out.

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