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ALBUM – Grassroots
ARTIST – 311
YEAR – 1994

I never really knew how to describe this band. Are they a rock band, a reggae band, hip-hopish?! Whatever… Fact is they are good, so good I decided to double-post today. Well, sort of, anyways. This one will contain information regarding their 1994 release, Grassroots, the other, their 1993 album Music. So, here it is.

Grassroots has got one of my favourite 311 tracks, number 5, “Omaha Stylee”. I guess it’s a reference to their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska (Dave Kolasch – for those out there into easter eggs). It’s a good song to start off with, if you’ve never heard these guys’ sound. Which brings me, again, to this matter; that is, what kind of sound do these guys play. Yeah, my inner conscience is telling me to let it go, and let the music speak for itself. Ok, then, I will. So, start off with that track. You’ll see lots and lots of influences and some fairly hard riffs and drums. Sounds weird to have all of that mixed with hip-hopish vocals and reggae breaks. I guess that’s what makes these guys good, and one of a kind.

So, let’s get into the music. This particular algum is not my favourite, but has my favourite song, the one I mentioned in the previous paragraph. My favourite album is Music, which is why I could not single out Music or Grassroots, get it?! They must be put side-by-side and considered in the same environment. Again, this is just a blog regarding my personal views; I’m no critic, much less a connaisseur of the art of music, so bear with me. And what I mean by the same environment is that I bought these two albums at the same time, many years ago. They sort of complete eachother (and vice-versa).

After these two releases I sort of began getting tired of their music, it became a bit too mushy and “try too hard” for me. They went down a road I was unwilling to follow them on. This one in particular, Grassroots, has got some heavier hitting songs, bigger guitars and riffs, which I like, mixed in to all that crazy reggae and chillout sounding melting pot. Really cool album. You’ll see what I mean once you press play. “Homebrew” opens this recording and you feel the heaviness right off the bat. But, pay closer attention and you’ll notice the groovy vibes. Get to “8:16 A.M.” and you’ll be thrown off, left wondering, WTF?! Where did this come from? Such a beach and sunny song. You’ll eventually check your player to make sure it’s not busted. Keep going, the best song is next. Coolest introduction, eh?! Right after “Omaha Stylee” is another delight, “Applied Science”. I really enjoy its speed and big guitar riffs. Track 7, if you get to listen to their other album Music, will resonate, that’s the kind of sound they put out on that album.

Now, to go on to my other post, check out “Lose”. It’s completely off, in the sense that it doesn’t seem to fit the standards of previous songs, so mellow and so “maryjane” hence the title of the album, maybe???!!!)….


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