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ALBUM – Music
ARTIST – 311
YEAR – 1993

This is definitely my favourite 311 album. It’s all good, from track 1 through to the end. Speaking of which, listen to the introductory song and you’ll understand what I meant in the previous post regarding their mixture of sounds – starts off nice and easy, mellow and cool, then gets really hard, but not like a death metal hard, a cool, listenable hard.

It’s the band’s essence, their uniqueness. These guys play like nothing I’ve ever come across; they’re so far from any classification which is, I think, they’re biggest achievement (at least for these 2 albums – their later stuff, not so great).

Favourite tracks: “Freak Out” and “Feels So Good”. Unquestionably the best songs on the album. Damn, I like this album. I’m really getting tired of writing; in fact, I’m just lazy, I’ve been writing all day, you see, and I’m just really tired. So, just get a hold of these two gems and “kick ’em out”!!!


P.S: check out the fucking bassline at around 2:15 into “Feels So Good”, following “Yo, Peanut, beat that thing”… Crazy good…

One Comment

  1. Meu caro, voltaste com fome ao mundo dos comentários musiciais. Boa.

    Keep up the good work!

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