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ALBUM – The Low End Theory
ARTIST – A Tribe Called Quest
YEAR – 1991

All the time Tip… Ok, ok, so I’m back posting Hip-Hop. This is a truly magnificent album, top marks, perfect, exceptional, to go down in history books. It is THAT good. Trust me, try it, see if it fits.

It’s not the first contact I had with A Tribe Called Quest, the first album was actually in a previous post, “Beats, Rhymes and Life” (I mentioned back then that it was my favourite album). It is my favourite for emotional reasons, nostalgia, basically. This is a better album, more thorough, elaborate and just jazzy as hell. I have to fulfill one of my “adulthood” dreams and buy a turntable so I can enjoy this the way it should be enjoyed – on vinyl!!!

You have to listen to this on reasonably loud terms; this is in order to get the whole sound. Listen to the bass, the jazzy saxes and trumpets throughout – of course, there’s a scratch here and there and most powerful rhymes. These guys really brought the movement to a level unnatainable by any other act. This style is so unique it’s impossible to match. It is a shame they followed different paths after an amazing run, specially during the 90s. I heard they MAY get together again. Q-Tip’s got a solid solo career with guest appearances on loads of recordings and two very well produced solo albums.

“The Low End Theory’s” got my all-time favourite track, “Jazz (We’ve Got)”. You can start off there, get a feel for the album and for their style. Or, you can do the opposite, listen to the album and THEN bust this one out. There, maybe that’s a better approach. Much respect to those who try this out. You’ve got to recognise these guys’ talent for putting out one great recording after another. This one followed their debut “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm” – a brilliant start -, so you can imagine that maintaining these standards is absurd, but they managed to pull it off. There’s no such thing as a “so-so” Tribe album; they’re all great, amazing, to “Holy shit this is good” and perfection (the case with The Low End Theory).

Much love to the East Coast as well. You’ll catch some of that vibe in the album. So, let’s talk a bit about this album. You can check this out for reference. The album starts off the way I like it, with HUGE basslines. Damn, they kick it off “Buggin’ Out” – superb. That bass plays through the entire album. “Butter”, in my opinion is a bit mellower and melancholic – it’s just me, eh?! Following the trippy experience is “Verses From the Abstract”. I love the guitar riff and female voice (Vinia Mojica) in the chorus. A classic is “Check the Rhime”, worth the listen. Then, then, it’s time for it (right after “Everything is Fair”), “Jazz (We’ve Got)”. Damn, it doesn’t get old, it gets better everytime I put it on. “We got the jazz, we got the jazz…”. Listen to Busta Rhymes go off on a funky, upbeat and just awesome track “Scenario” – wicked!!! The last song’s got a bass as heavy as the first. “Excursions” will undoubtedly leave you wanting more, or, at least, another walk through the album.


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