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ALBUM – Doolittle

ARTIST – Pixies

YEAR – 1989

Recently looking over a list of the 80s best albums – well put together, by the way -, I came across this album at number 7.  Of course I’ve heard of and listened to the Pixies, but I hadn’t realised the extent of their influence.  A lot of friends mention them as being one the most underestimated (to main stream) of the past couple of decades.  I must confess, nevertheless, as heretic as this may sound, that I only really started listening to these guys a few years ago.  Shame on me!!!

So, as the story goes, one of my favourite tracks is in one of my top movies “Fight Club”; it’s “Where is My Mind”.  And I know it isn’t on this release, but I just thought it would be worth mentioning, to serve as a means of explaining HOW I first learned about this particular and amazing band.  I loved the song, didn’t have the access we have nowadays to the internet; or did, but not at the speeds we now have and with possibly 1 tenth of the resources.  Thus my bewilderment, years later, that the same bunch were responsible for a song played over and over and over and over and over again at a bar I used to go to when a teen (I occasionally revisit this pub whenever I can).

The song was what’s playing right now on my stereo, “Here Comes Your Man”.  Yeah, I’m that – or was – out of it.  Goes to show though, that, no matter how many times this song was played and has been played along the years, I still think it’s fantastic.  And now, it’s got sort of a nostalgic quality to it, which makes it even taht more exciting.  Pretty neat!!!

Seems like we’re always going down memory lane, eh?!  Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m no critic much less someone who “knows” music.  I just tell it how it comes to (my) mind.  Personal experiences and references.  I think, actually, that that’s what makes music so great and why I’m always listening to it.  It can take you places, forwards and backwards in time, especially back in time.  It allows you to just let go and dream and wonder and enjoy the different surroundings and environments.  I reckon that’s why I took to this blog.

Music, music, music!!!  “Debaser”, the first track, kicks ass!!!  Coolest bass ever???!!!  Now, something I particular enjoy is at around a minute and 16 seconds into the song, during the chorus, is Black’s almost comedic “ha ha ha ho”.  Really good stuff.  The album, myabe just for me, gets a bit melancholy – a good thing, though.  It has a weird, dark, upbeat, contemplative, envolving vibe.  When you put it on to listen to – I mean, really listen to it, and not like we listen to music nowadays on iTunes, skipping through songs and albums kind of the way they were made (with a great deal of rush and regretful production and lack of talent) -, it drags you along for a good experience.

And that’s how I got into this lot.  They have a lot of talent, all of them.  Fighting aside, they have made a mark on modern music.  People may not know it, but their influence is widespread.  “Wave of Mutilation” is a beautiful, almost psychodellic Velvet Underground sounding, tune.  “I Bleed” is a pretty somber recording, but precedes a very pleasant and upbeat, groovy, track “Here Comes Your Man” – the guitar get stuck in your head forever.  Kim Deal’s bass and tender but raspy voice are all over this album and resonate beautifully.  She brings a balance to Black’s aggressiveness, she seems to match it with a sweet (but also aggressive, although disguised in a female kind of way) voice.  “Mr Grieves” is also grand, followed by a punk-ramone-beat-track “Crackity Jones


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