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Monthly Archives: May 2009


ALBUM – The Times They Are A-Changin’

ARTIST – Bob Dylan

YEAR – 1964

I think it’s one of his best – not that anything he touches is not gold.  Still, I really enjoy this album.  It’s got one of my favourite Dylan tracks ever.  You probably guessed it already, right?  Yeah, it’s the title track “The Times They Are A-Changin‘”.  Isn’t it the coolest song ever, though?

I had previously posted something about a movie made about him; actually, a film that tried to interpret his many “variations” of character.  Pretty cool movie, pretty awesome soundtrack.  But not to get lost with random thoughts, the reason I mention it is that I recalled the way his writing makes me feel.  It’s sort of like what is presented in the movie.  Genius, brilliant, creative, ambiguous, fun, sad, strong, critic, and it goes on.  Well, his lyrics – poetry, rather – are beyond words, no pun intended.

His music, also.  How long his career has been and how much material he has been able to produce is spectacular.  It will get you thinking, this guy really likes what he does, and he’s fucking good at it, too.  Seriously, this guy is incredible.  Hands down one of the most – if not THE most – influential musicians of our time.  So, let us praise him and his work, please.  This album is a true gem, a must have, a must listen to.

My favourite track, as I mentioned before, stands.  Another one I’m particularly fond of is “The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll“.  Magical, beautiful.  The lyrics relate to a true story.  Check it out.  Cheers…


ALBUM – Prisoners of Love: A Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs: 1984-2003

ARTIST – Yo La Tengo

YEAR – 2005

… it was THIS playing on my car stereo.  Seriously.  I couldn’t figure out where my MP3 CD started or ended – there’s a bunch of stuff on it, like The Jesus And Mary Chain and the Lost in Translation OST.  There’s also Yo La Tengo.  I hadn’t listened to this in forever.  So, as I couldn’t figure out what I had on the MP3 CD, I had to run upstairs, toss the disk in the computer and see it pop up on iTunes.  Oh…  There it is!!!
To my surprise, it was Yo La Tengo.  I was out for a couple of hours, running errands and what not and all the while I was listening to Prisoners of Love.  A fact most of you might not know: I am a very anxious individual, one who constantly switches tracks in order to get to “that” song, quickly.  I honestly don’t know what song it is, I just switch tracks.  Not very good driving antics either.  Regardless, I had this playing – it sill is, on my home stereo, now – all along my errand running.  Funy thing is that I didn’t once bother to switch tracks.  They were good, sort of “hey, I don’t know who’s playing, nor do I realise that I haven’t had the urge to hustle through the songs” kind of good.  You know what I’m trying to say?!

If not, then, well, check this out.  It really is worth a listen.  I can’t really describe it, I have no clue as to the band’s history.  I know they’ve been around since the 80s, but that’s basically it.  Oh, that they’re “Indie” too, like the grandfathers of indie.  One song that stuck, that I’ve played three or four times since I got home is “Autumn Sweater” – a gem.  So, as you were, but with this album in mind now.  Cheers…


ALBUM – Pinkerton

ARTIST – Weezer

YEAR -1996

No time, very busy, can’t write, will be back soon with nostalgic tales and whimsical (I think) remarks…

This is something my beloved sister always raves about; according to her, it’s their best stuff.  Heavier and meaner Weezer – really good!!!  Cheers…