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ALBUM – Pinkerton

ARTIST – Weezer

YEAR -1996

No time, very busy, can’t write, will be back soon with nostalgic tales and whimsical (I think) remarks…

This is something my beloved sister always raves about; according to her, it’s their best stuff.  Heavier and meaner Weezer – really good!!!  Cheers…


  1. that’s exactly what i tell everyone. if i’m ever showing weezer to someone for the first time, it’s that album.

  2. i’m not the only one.. years after nearly no recognition when the album came out, it became one of those indie-cult-classics all of a sudden. i’d say not only heavier weezer but much more personality and originality than anything they put out following this album!

    • Yeano…

      I only just read – actually, I only just found this comment waiting for approval now – your comment. Thanx…

      Anyeah, I guess you’re right. It’s actually a really good album. It sounds like Weezer, as weird as that may sound. You know what I mean?!

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