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ALBUM – Unknown Pleasures

ARTIST – Joy Division

YEAR – 1979

Breathless.  Really.  I mean, could a band be any cooler?  And I´m a late comer.  I only began listening to Joy Division later on in life – although their tunes have always been a part of my growing up in the 80s.  Nevertheless, the impact they´ve had on me these past years is, well, difficult to put into words. 

Although the band´s history is tragic, I think their legacy and, more importantly, their lifetime, is something that should always be taken into consideration.  They rose to stardom relatively fast and, just as they were “making it big” they lose their front man, Ian Curtis.  It was a tragic event, his death, and untimely.  I really don´t want to get into personal history or matters that tend to be sensitive or polemic.  You can check out the 2007 movie, by Director/Photographer Anton Corbijn. Control (it´s mindboggling how much the actor resembles Ian, and the movie is pitch-perfect).  But this is all about the music, damnit.

So, to it then.  The music is revolutionary, unlike anything prior or following the band´s demise.  Their unique sound and ways was something that drew me to them.  The songs are nervous, tempestuous, but can also be quite melancholic and depressing.  I personally like the more fast-paced rhythms and crazy drums and guitar riffs.  One more thing to take into account is the writing.  Joy Division´s lyrics are excelent.  They´re not just some “chorus, chorus, repeat chorus”, POP, one-hit-wonder shit that we get today.  It feels like they were meticulously elaborated and are at times very personal. 

Enough sentimentalism.  My favourite track, of all of Joy Division´s songs is number one “Disorder”.  I wish I could somehow translate the introduction into words.  It´s the coolest.  “I´ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand… Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal man…”  Brilliant, just brilliant.  The other track I´m really keen on is “She Lost Control”.  I loved it before I saw the movie, and I love it even more now that I´ve seen it.  According to the movie, Ian bases his lyrics on a young woman he met while working for the government, who, like him, had epilepsy.  So, it makes it that much more personal.  Beautiful song. 

One last thing, before I finish, is another movie – not focused on Joy Division, but that captures them in a very coherent manner and the whole Manchester scene of the late 70s, early 80s – is “24 Hour Party People“, a gem by Michael Winterbottom. 


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  1. “Control” rules. Muito bom o post. A banda, definitivamente, é uma das melhores.

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