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ALBUM – Veckatimest

ARTIST – Grizzly Bear

YEAR – 2009

I can´t believe I finally got a chance – given the small break I got at work – to write back to back posts.  Pretty neat, I almost don´t want to write.  I don´t want to come off as repetitive or annoying.  Plus, the drama of waiting for the next post is, I think, worth it.  Lastly, I don´t want to lower expectations – If they were ever high.  I hope this blog is worth the read and that expectations are low, so if and when you do come across it, it´ll be better than what you exepcted.

However, we must focus.  “Veckatimest” is a brilliant piece of music.  The name of the album, I just found out, is after an island in Massachussetts – I thought it was some crazy made up name.  If you think about it, it makes sense, I mean, the band are called “Grizzly Bear“, and they come out with an album named “Veckatimest”?!

The album was well recieved, and it should have been, by critics.  It was not by me.  I have a delayed reaction to things, very delayed.  So, it took me two or three tries before I really got into the music.  And, the thing is, that once you´re in it, it´s hard to pull away.  It´s really that good. 

The album has a crisp, morning dew kind of feel.  Very sweet and tender, almost gentle.  It is very melodic and has a nice pace to it.  It doesn´t rush, but most importantly, it doesn´t feel like a draggin on kind of album.  It´s got a good mix of material, both dense and rich with musical instruments and vocals and simpler tracks, with fewer guitars and poignant vocals. 

I really enjoy the band´s sound.  It is, again, good to know that there are bands out there that actually work to have a good sound, that are actually good musicians and put an effort into producing and recording it.  That´s what this album feels like, a genuine effort.  It is a pleasant listen, and pretty straight forward, but once you´ve given it a third or fourth or fifth go around, you´ll start realising how precious the music is, how much effort was put in to making this recording.  These guys are really good musicians and seem to have a grasp of what they are doing (something rare these days). 

Of course, the now popular “Two Weeks” stands out as one the catchier tunes.  It is a great song, but I´ve fallen for a certain “Cheerleader”.  I love it, just love it.  The other talked about track, “While You Wait For the Others”, is just as intriguing.  Overall, I reckon all tracks deserve a mention.  I´ve only expressed my personal liking and attachment. 


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