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ALBUM – Fever Ray

ARTIST – Fever Ray

YEAR – 2009

What a headache!

I do realise my last post was supposed to be the year´s closer, but, you know how it is.  I just couldn´t help myself.

In reality, I´m bored as fuck – at work – and there´s absolutely nothing to do.  So, might as well put down some of my thoughts regarding this particular “diamond in the rough”.  Oh, this way I can kill some time, too. 

About the headache.  Yeah, well, I couldn´t help myself last night and met up with some mates – I hadn´t hit the clubs in a while.  It was fun, trust me, until, say, 8 o´clock this morning, when the alarm went off and I had to get up to come here. 

I got home at around 4ish, heavily intoxicated – some might suggest alcohol poisoning; I would play it down and say I got a little carried away.  So, the thumping inside my skull and the awful after taste of booze and, lest not we forget, the almost 4 hours of sleep, really have done me no good.  And to top it all off, it´s a miserable day outside – wet and shitty. 

But enough about my alcohol misadventures.  On to something a “wee bit” more interesting: MUSIC! 

This lady, this swedish bird, Karin Dreijer Andersson, has been on my mind for these past couple of days.  Actually, since last tuesday, when I first managed to get my hands on this lovely album

Ms Andersson and her brother, Olof Drejer, used to form another similar sounding “group”, The Knife – I´ll post something on them later on, it´s really worth it.  Her debut “solo” effort is, put simply, “off the hook”. 

I know, I just realised how cheesy that last line reads.  Oh well, let me be cheesy.  New Year´s resolution number 143, “be less cheesy”.  As if I can manage that. 

Forgive me, I´m off again, all over the place.  It´s the booze and the lack of sleep and the dehydration. 

Check out this video, or Fever Ray´s Vimeo page for all her other videos.  You can see, right off the bat, how weird and sombre and beautiful it all is.  Ms Andersson has a very dramatic and theatrical vein, both musically and visually.  Check out her live performances and interviews. 

Some of the material may be creepy and even scary; at times blunt and disturbing, but I reckon it works and is part of her act. 

The songs come off as very strong, very present and alive, almost as if they have a life of their own, inhaling and exhaling.  They seem to possess and inebriate the listener.  It´s very obscure and deep, but beautiful and enchanting.

Fever Ray, with this release, casts a spell on us all.  “When I Grow Up” is a brilliant, brilliant song – the video is pretty cool, too, although I prefer another.  “Triangle Walks”, for instance, is quite mesmerising, I love the gloom, the latent sadness and ominous aspect. 

It is, overall, a very interesting album.  I´m positive not all – in fact, very few – will adhere to my take on this recording.  I stand by my booze, I mean, by my opinion, that this is a stupendous release.  I´m just a bit bummed I didn´t get around to it sooner.  Regardless, I got it.  Happy New Fucking Year, the three of you reading this!  Cheers…

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  1. For some reason or another, I felt pretty much the same this morning….

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