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ALBUM – Contra

ARTIST – Vampire Weekend

YEAR  – 2010

Well, well…

A Happy New Year to all, belated, of course.  I´ve been terribly busy since I got back from a few days on holiday.  And, let me tell you 3 (4, now that Phil´s a reader), what a year´s end.  I have actually taken up what I call “book-writing”.  Yes, indeed, I´ve started writing what I hope will be a book, someday.

But, on the book later, right?  How about a little bit more on the couple of days off work?  No?  Alright, then, I won´t mention anything else related to my New Year´s break, only that this new year has been very generous.  I have found love – the most unexpected kind.  The Love Story is somewhat complicated, but nevertheless, a “lovely” one!  See what I did there?  Pun intended. 

I have to seriously consider watching less “The Thick of It“.  I´ve seen Season 3, whole, three or four times already.  It´s brilliant, though, a good laugh.

But on to the MUSIC, for fuck´s sake.  This is a hot-straight-out-of-the-oven release.  I haven´t even heard it with careful ears yet.  But so far, so good.  It´s got a bit more of a “world music” sort of feel to it – it´s almost exotic.  Then, there´s the usual upbeat tracks, like “Cousins“. 

I really like this band, and I know this is very bandwagonny of me to say (write), but it´s true.  I always keep their debut album around  – it´s still a great listen.  This new release seems to be one of those “keeper-arounders”, too.  So, I hope you like it.  Cheers…

P.S: the post´s title was originally “Beirut” – some will get it, others will not.


  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement! Have you been watching the multi-oscar winning movie from 1970, or is your Love Story for real?

    • True story. Just don´t know how it will end.

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