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Monthly Archives: April 2010

ALBUM – Plastic Beach

ARTIST – Gorillaz

YEAR – 2010

It’s about time.  Both for a new Gorillaz album and for me to post something new.

I had started a couple of posts, but gave up, halfway through.  They were not inspired.  Not that this one is, I just felt they were not worth wasting time on.  I hope this new post at least allows my readers (hahahahahahaha) to enjoy a little bit of nice music.

This is a brand new album and a very good one.  Those behind the band’s creative process must be praised – this is an album with miscellaneous influences and, what stands out the most, fresh material.  Of course, Mr Damon Albarn’s “contacts” are also welcome.  I do not know, much less understand, how this man manages to get the artists he gets to participate in his albums.  He must have lots of cool and connected friends.

This only adds to the quality of his albums.  They are unconventional, risky, “pushing the envelope” sort of stuff.  This particular release is a kaleidoscope of music, very edgy, cool, subtle, and whole lot of other adjectives.  It is a good album.  I like.

So, I hope you can at least enjoy the music.  A very soggy post, I know.  Cheers…