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Monthly Archives: January 2011


ALBUM – White Blood Cells

ARTIST – The White Stripes

YEAR – 2001

I am uncommonly and unusually hyper/productive/active today.  Must have been the excessive amount of Red Bull consumed last night.  And for a Sunday, this is not normal behaviour, by any standards.

So, anxiety attacks aside, I was just asking myself, HOW COULD I HAVE LEFT THIS ALBUM OUT???!!!


So here is the story, the setup.  I heard The White Stripes were going to play in Rome.  This was 2001.  I had been a fan for a brief period leading up to one of the best concerts/shows I have ever attended.  No one to go with.  My sister, as always, came along.  We walked all over the place and could not find the place where the show was to take place.  Really, we walked for a very, very, very long time.  And, as stories go, we ended up finding it.  It was a small indoor football/basketball court, with the bleachers all curled up to the sides.  I reckon you can imagine how the show went.

In a space like that, the energy is exponentially greater.  The sound was wicked, raw and loud.  This was it.  The epitome of a long lasting love affair.  It has been a dream of mine for along time to have a band like that: drums and guitar.  Of course, Jack is a musical genious, so that helps.  Regardless, I want a two person rock band.  Any one up to it?

The duo kicked ass!  My sister ended up loving the show and the band.  Good stuff.

This recording is incredible.  Start to finish.  All tracks are monumental.  I think one of their most inspired efforts, if not the most.  I like their other albums, but this is a masterpiece.

Happy Sunday!


ALBUM – Lisbon

ARTIST- The Walkmen

YEAR – 2010

A great find!

As I went through’s top 50 of 2010, I selected a few albums to get to know.  One of them was “Lisbon”, and I am not at all sorry.

A quick word about Pitchfork.  My sister – a bass player and on and off band member/(slash) music lover – said something curious: “I think it is pretentious for someone to give an album or band a fraction of a marking, like 8.7”.  Agree to disagree.  It is strange, I reckon, but then again, I will only comment after I figure out their mathematics for coming up with such numbers (maybe they get an average of the editorial’s votes or something).

Regardless, I like pitchfork’s website and more often than not I check in on what they are up to.  They are, a lot of times, too musically “erudite” for someone like me.  But I generally appreciate their taste and their recommendations.

The music.  “The Walkmen” are definitely indie, but a good indie.  Some of these “indie” bands of late have really gotten on my nerves.  On in particular: “Death Cab For Cutie”.  Say what you will, but they suck hairy nutsack!  So annoying.

Some, in my opinion, try way too hard.  What for?

“Lisbon” sounds fluid and rolling, nothing like I am used to hearing.  It is real and raw, true in nature to each of the band member’s influences and according contribution to the overall sound.

Very charming and melodic.  Well composed and yet it seems like they got together on a long weekend and put everything down right there and then, 13 tracks.

Have a lovely Wednesday.




ALBUM –Before Today

ARTIST –Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

YEAR –2010

Let me kick off the new year with something I have been listening to.

The album is something of a strange and beautiful creation, reminiscent of the late 70’s psychedelia and early 80’s progressive movement.  Although you hear – throughout the recording – hints of vintage 60s (Velvet Underground, Lou Reed style).

Mix all those ingredients up  and you bake up something along the lines of ‘Before Today’.

Pet Shop Boys, even.  Listen to “Round and Round” and tell me you don’t hear the Boys somewhere in there.  Right?!

So, moving right along.

The title, yes, of course.  A reference to the classic “Empire Strikes Back” (lots of people´s favourite, not mine; I’m a “Return of the Jedi” fan – love the Vader reveal) but also the name of Boston Terrier.  He just celebrated his 5th month.  He is the one in charge of keeping things in order at the apartment and keeping me company.

Hopefully, later on this year I will get a female Boston to keep Luke company – any suggestions for a name?!

Ok, the album is a celebration!  Abrupt topic changes; sometimes, if done correctly (not the case), it grabs the reader’s attention (again, I am probably the sole reader, so what does it matter).

Have a good Tuesday?!  Is that even normal?  I think Tuesdays are the worst day of the week; they are so dead, nothing to do, ever, and it is still only the beginning of the week.

Have fun with the recommendation.