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ALBUM –Before Today

ARTIST –Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

YEAR –2010

Let me kick off the new year with something I have been listening to.

The album is something of a strange and beautiful creation, reminiscent of the late 70’s psychedelia and early 80’s progressive movement.  Although you hear – throughout the recording – hints of vintage 60s (Velvet Underground, Lou Reed style).

Mix all those ingredients up  and you bake up something along the lines of ‘Before Today’.

Pet Shop Boys, even.  Listen to “Round and Round” and tell me you don’t hear the Boys somewhere in there.  Right?!

So, moving right along.

The title, yes, of course.  A reference to the classic “Empire Strikes Back” (lots of people´s favourite, not mine; I’m a “Return of the Jedi” fan – love the Vader reveal) but also the name of Boston Terrier.  He just celebrated his 5th month.  He is the one in charge of keeping things in order at the apartment and keeping me company.

Hopefully, later on this year I will get a female Boston to keep Luke company – any suggestions for a name?!

Ok, the album is a celebration!  Abrupt topic changes; sometimes, if done correctly (not the case), it grabs the reader’s attention (again, I am probably the sole reader, so what does it matter).

Have a good Tuesday?!  Is that even normal?  I think Tuesdays are the worst day of the week; they are so dead, nothing to do, ever, and it is still only the beginning of the week.

Have fun with the recommendation.


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