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ALBUM – Lisbon

ARTIST- The Walkmen

YEAR – 2010

A great find!

As I went through’s top 50 of 2010, I selected a few albums to get to know.  One of them was “Lisbon”, and I am not at all sorry.

A quick word about Pitchfork.  My sister – a bass player and on and off band member/(slash) music lover – said something curious: “I think it is pretentious for someone to give an album or band a fraction of a marking, like 8.7”.  Agree to disagree.  It is strange, I reckon, but then again, I will only comment after I figure out their mathematics for coming up with such numbers (maybe they get an average of the editorial’s votes or something).

Regardless, I like pitchfork’s website and more often than not I check in on what they are up to.  They are, a lot of times, too musically “erudite” for someone like me.  But I generally appreciate their taste and their recommendations.

The music.  “The Walkmen” are definitely indie, but a good indie.  Some of these “indie” bands of late have really gotten on my nerves.  On in particular: “Death Cab For Cutie”.  Say what you will, but they suck hairy nutsack!  So annoying.

Some, in my opinion, try way too hard.  What for?

“Lisbon” sounds fluid and rolling, nothing like I am used to hearing.  It is real and raw, true in nature to each of the band member’s influences and according contribution to the overall sound.

Very charming and melodic.  Well composed and yet it seems like they got together on a long weekend and put everything down right there and then, 13 tracks.

Have a lovely Wednesday.




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