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ALBUM – White Blood Cells

ARTIST – The White Stripes

YEAR – 2001

I am uncommonly and unusually hyper/productive/active today.  Must have been the excessive amount of Red Bull consumed last night.  And for a Sunday, this is not normal behaviour, by any standards.

So, anxiety attacks aside, I was just asking myself, HOW COULD I HAVE LEFT THIS ALBUM OUT???!!!


So here is the story, the setup.  I heard The White Stripes were going to play in Rome.  This was 2001.  I had been a fan for a brief period leading up to one of the best concerts/shows I have ever attended.  No one to go with.  My sister, as always, came along.  We walked all over the place and could not find the place where the show was to take place.  Really, we walked for a very, very, very long time.  And, as stories go, we ended up finding it.  It was a small indoor football/basketball court, with the bleachers all curled up to the sides.  I reckon you can imagine how the show went.

In a space like that, the energy is exponentially greater.  The sound was wicked, raw and loud.  This was it.  The epitome of a long lasting love affair.  It has been a dream of mine for along time to have a band like that: drums and guitar.  Of course, Jack is a musical genious, so that helps.  Regardless, I want a two person rock band.  Any one up to it?

The duo kicked ass!  My sister ended up loving the show and the band.  Good stuff.

This recording is incredible.  Start to finish.  All tracks are monumental.  I think one of their most inspired efforts, if not the most.  I like their other albums, but this is a masterpiece.

Happy Sunday!


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