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Monthly Archives: February 2011

ALBUM – Operation Ivy

ARTIST – Operation Ivy

YEAR – 1991

Fiat Uno, 6 people tightly packed.

We were all pretty drunk and overwhelmed by Brazil’s victory over Holland (our goalie, Taffarel, the hero, managed to stop two penalty shots).  No, I will not mention what happened after, in the Finals.

On our way to BG (Baixo Gávea) for the post-game celebration.  I was a tad younger then but had already developed a very strong liking to SKA/PUNK.

Maybe it came from watching all those stake videos with all the punk music; probably.

Regardless, this album is the all-time greatest SKA/PUNK album of all time (I know, I wrote it twice, for the effect).

All the songs are wicked.  They are so fast and so short, you can listen to the entire album (27 tracks) in a half-hour.  And, of course, you do a repeat, and another, and another.

I often mention my sister here, but it has a purpose.  For instance, while she was on a trip she got me the CD (I had before but it got lost along the way).  I have it at home, stored away nice and tidy.  It is one of those keepers.  Not something to be downloaded.  Actually, this is something to be listened to on a cassette or turntable (on vinyl).  Damn technology!

The lead singer, Jesse Michaels, has an awesome, raw and raspy voice (Tim Armstrong went on to form Rancid).  All those grunts and coarse screams are amazing.  He had another project, later on, called Common Rider (I have two of their albums, again, thanks to my sister that managed to find them in a record store nearby where she went to school) and it is pretty good, too.  Not like OpIvy, though.  Nothing will ever come close.

Well, back to the ’98 World Cup.  We used to listen to “Smiling” over and over again.  And that’s what was playing on our way from my house to BG.  We used to bang the shit out of the car when the chorus came alone “Smiling when your friends are watching, smiling when your friends are watching…”.

Fuck, just listen to it.


ALBUM – The King Of Limbs

ARTIST – Radiohead

YEAR – 2011

I began writing this yesterday, but decided it needed some revising.  Seems my blogging is getting serious…

Nevertheless, I just wanted to say that Radiohead is an outstanding band and I appreciate what they do.  I think they push boundaries of the conventional.

Another thing I wanted to get in here is what my sister thinks of all the Radiohead hype.  If I recall correctly, she questioned all the hype around Radiohead.  And I really get where she is coming from.  It seems that after Radiohead managed to become a reference in music, everything and anything they produce was immediately liked and considered groundbreaking.  It’s the old bandwagon.   In a few words, anything Radiohead puts out is, automatically, good.  Wrong!

I have issues with a lot of their material.  But that does not mean I do not think the band is great.  It is a matter of opinion and, fundamentally, taste.  Which is why I agree with my sister.

So, instead of jumping on the Radiohead bandwagon, have an opinion.  You are not obliged to like Radiohead, much the same way someone should be crucified for disliking The Beatles.

I love Led Zeppelin, for instance.  Some people think it is kitsch or just plain glam.  I don’t, but that is my opinion.

So, controversy aside, this latest Readiohead production is very, very tight.  Pay attention to the drum lines, so subtle, yet so present.

In all, a good effort that gets a thumbs up from me (sorry, no thumbs, just a recommendation).


ALBUM –Echoes

ARTIST-The Rapture

YEAR – 2003

Quick entry.  In a rush.

Best song is “Echoes”, yes.  It is also the opening song for one of the best miniseries I have seen lately, “Misfits”.

Ok, really like “Killing” as well, especially the intro.

A pleasant Sunday to all.


ALBUM – Give Up

ARTIST – The Postal Service

YEAR – 2003

“Nothing Better”

Will someone please call a surgeon
Who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart
That you’re deserting for better company?
I can’t accept that it’s over…
And I will block the door like a goalie tending the net
In the third quarter of a tied-game rivalry

So just say how to make it right
And i swear I’ll do my best to comply

Tell me am i right to think that there could be nothing better
Than making you my bride and slowly growing old together

I feel I must interject here you’re getting carried away feeling sorry for yourself
With these revisions and gaps in history
So let me help you remember.
I’ve made charts and graphs that should finally make it clear.
I’ve prepared a lecture on why i have to leave

So please back away and let me go
I can’t my darling i love you so…

Oh, oh

Tell me am i right to think that there could be nothing better
Than making you my bride and slowly growing old together
Don’t you feed me lines about some idealistic future
Your heart won’t heal right if you keep tearing out the sutures

I know that I have made mistakes and i swear
I’ll never wrong you again
You’ve got a lure i can’t deny,
But you’ve had your chance so say goodbye
Say goodbye


ALBUM – Eternelle

ARITST – Edith Piaf

YEAR – 2002

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