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ALBUM – The King Of Limbs

ARTIST – Radiohead

YEAR – 2011

I began writing this yesterday, but decided it needed some revising.  Seems my blogging is getting serious…

Nevertheless, I just wanted to say that Radiohead is an outstanding band and I appreciate what they do.  I think they push boundaries of the conventional.

Another thing I wanted to get in here is what my sister thinks of all the Radiohead hype.  If I recall correctly, she questioned all the hype around Radiohead.  And I really get where she is coming from.  It seems that after Radiohead managed to become a reference in music, everything and anything they produce was immediately liked and considered groundbreaking.  It’s the old bandwagon.   In a few words, anything Radiohead puts out is, automatically, good.  Wrong!

I have issues with a lot of their material.  But that does not mean I do not think the band is great.  It is a matter of opinion and, fundamentally, taste.  Which is why I agree with my sister.

So, instead of jumping on the Radiohead bandwagon, have an opinion.  You are not obliged to like Radiohead, much the same way someone should be crucified for disliking The Beatles.

I love Led Zeppelin, for instance.  Some people think it is kitsch or just plain glam.  I don’t, but that is my opinion.

So, controversy aside, this latest Readiohead production is very, very tight.  Pay attention to the drum lines, so subtle, yet so present.

In all, a good effort that gets a thumbs up from me (sorry, no thumbs, just a recommendation).


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