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Monthly Archives: March 2011

ALBUM – Anthology

ARTIST – Nina Simone

YEAR – 2003

In need of inspiration.

I was actually not gonna write anything today.  I don’t know, just didn’t feel like it.  But, as I was submerged in my work (actually just preparing a bunch of papers and memos) “My Baby Just Cares For Me” came on my iTunes playlist.


So, here it is.  Sorry, here SHE is!

Could she be any cooler?!

Well, I usually write little meaningless stories, tales of random events from my life, so I’m thinking, now, should I do that today?

Musically, I have been inspired, cursively, not so much.

Regardless, I will leave you with a thought; something a friend told me earlier today.  Oh, fuck, I forgot…

Oh, I think it was something like “you take yourself too seriously, lighten the fuck up!”.


ALBUM – Firme

ARTIST – Voodoo Glow Skulls

YEAR – 1995

Fast, fast, fast.  Very fast-paced album.


Track 2 is ths shit!  “Closet, Clostet Monster Closet…”.

At the time I got this album, back in ’95, I was very much in to punk and ska.  Anything I could get my hands on.  The faster the better.



ARTIST – Pearl Jam

YEAR – 1993

Great album.

Their second, if memory serves me.

I remember watching the MTV Video Music Awards back in 1993 and they played “Animal”, prior to the album’s release.  I was, obviously, a big fan already.

Pearl Jam also played alongside Neil Young, remember “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World”?!

Pretty cool.


ALBUM –Pop Negro

ARTIST –El Guincho

YEAR –2010

Wonderful, delightful weekend in my hometown.  Sun, beach, bike, family, friends.

The album is good, the first track, “Bombay”, is the best.

A must see: Férias no Brasil and Bombay.

Hope you enjoy it.

Something reminiscent of my sunny-bike-beach-filled weekend in Rio.




ALBUM – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

ARTIST – Kanye West

YEAR – 2010

Rap.  Hip-Hop.

Don’t think Maria will like this.

Damn fine recording.  Very aggressive and very, very well put together – constructed, I think, is a better vocabulary.

Although I do not necessarily partake, much less indulge, in Mr West’s antics, I really think he deserves credit for creating something new in a time and place where something new was impossible to fathom.

What I am trying to say is that Rap/Hip-Hop seemed old and boring.  Nothing new ever came out, just a bunch of lame-ass wannabe artists.  The late ’90s and early ’00s were aweful for the genre.  Then, Kanye.

Say what you will, he is a star, an entertainer.  50 cent?  Nelly?  Seriously?!  Fuck off.

Back.  Kanye pushed the envelope.  A lot of surprises.  This album, in particular, is probably his Magnus Opus.


ALBUM – Alive

ARTIST – Daft Punk

YEAR – 2007

Here we go.

Rio de Janeiro, 2006, TIM FESTIVAL.

To put things in perspective, firstly: I have all Daft Punk’s albums, all.  I have been a fan since “Homework”, which means I have been having an affair with the duo since 1997.  I has been, wait, let me do the math, 14 years.

I listen to Daft Punk aggressively.  Very loud (very fucking loud) and a lot.  Nearly once a day there has to be a Daft Punk moment, a daily homage.

Point I want to make: I read in the papers they were coming to Rio de Janeiro.  Went to get tickets, for me and my girlfriend at the time (who, unlike me, likes other kinds of music).   Now, anxiety.

The day had come.  My at-the-time companion and me arrive unapropriately early (anxiety).  The show comes on.  Can you imagine my excitement?!  Really?!  The sound was ENORMOUS!  Big, loud, distorting amplifiers and boom boxes.  The ground was shaking and vibrating.  Holy Shit!  Daft Fucking Punk!!!

45 minutes into it, I look to the side, nothing there.  So I look down.  There she is.

So, as you may have expected, given the title, the show, for me, was cut short.  “Somebody” wanted to end the night early, they were tired and made it very clear (frustration).  Now, I seek catharsis.

So, I will, any time soon, start up a sign-off on Facebook pledging support for Daft Punk to come back to Brazil.

Lesson learned: when they do come back, I will go alone!


P.S: Daft Punk is vintage electronica.

ALBUM – Brothers

ARTIST – The Black Keys

YEAR – 2010

I got this album a while back but have, so far, failed to give it proper attention until the past couple of days.

Too bad for me, ’cause the sound is great.

I had not really heard them before this album, so forgive me if some of you think previously recorded material is more inspiring.

I, however, have fallen in love with this band and, particularly, with this album.  The sound is hard to describe, rock n’ roll, bluesy, smokey and hazy pub-like.

I reckon an opinion will be better formed after listening to “Brothers”.  So, go right ahead.


ALBUM – You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine

ARTIST – Death From Above 1979

YEAR – 2004

My sister got me listening to this back in ’04/05.  I do not remember the context, I mean, I do not recall how she got a hold of them.  I am just glad she did.

Like many bands before, during and after DFA1979, they were composed of two (drums/vocals and bass guitar).  I think this became a fad after “The White Stripes”.  I could be wrong.

Coincidentally, they are from Toronto, Canada and while my sister was up there I think she managed not only to catch their show but to run in to them frequently at shows.  Just a thought: I do not know for sure that she went to their show, I have to check with her.

The duo, in a way like the Stripes, bring a powerhouse sound.  Very big bass, distorted and nasty, and fast, hard-hitting drums, moved along by scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs vocals.

Very big sound.  Very good, very hard and very loud.

I hope you check it out.  They broke up, obviously, so no more albums or shows.