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ALBUM – You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine

ARTIST – Death From Above 1979

YEAR – 2004

My sister got me listening to this back in ’04/05.  I do not remember the context, I mean, I do not recall how she got a hold of them.  I am just glad she did.

Like many bands before, during and after DFA1979, they were composed of two (drums/vocals and bass guitar).  I think this became a fad after “The White Stripes”.  I could be wrong.

Coincidentally, they are from Toronto, Canada and while my sister was up there I think she managed not only to catch their show but to run in to them frequently at shows.  Just a thought: I do not know for sure that she went to their show, I have to check with her.

The duo, in a way like the Stripes, bring a powerhouse sound.  Very big bass, distorted and nasty, and fast, hard-hitting drums, moved along by scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs vocals.

Very big sound.  Very good, very hard and very loud.

I hope you check it out.  They broke up, obviously, so no more albums or shows.



  1. It´s turning AAAM… rs
    Do you know some good jazz album?

  2. “blood on our hands” its the only music i know from this album, its nice.
    maybe its time(for me)to listen to all album.
    In fact you should post more here.

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