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ALBUM – Alive

ARTIST – Daft Punk

YEAR – 2007

Here we go.

Rio de Janeiro, 2006, TIM FESTIVAL.

To put things in perspective, firstly: I have all Daft Punk’s albums, all.  I have been a fan since “Homework”, which means I have been having an affair with the duo since 1997.  I has been, wait, let me do the math, 14 years.

I listen to Daft Punk aggressively.  Very loud (very fucking loud) and a lot.  Nearly once a day there has to be a Daft Punk moment, a daily homage.

Point I want to make: I read in the papers they were coming to Rio de Janeiro.  Went to get tickets, for me and my girlfriend at the time (who, unlike me, likes other kinds of music).   Now, anxiety.

The day had come.  My at-the-time companion and me arrive unapropriately early (anxiety).  The show comes on.  Can you imagine my excitement?!  Really?!  The sound was ENORMOUS!  Big, loud, distorting amplifiers and boom boxes.  The ground was shaking and vibrating.  Holy Shit!  Daft Fucking Punk!!!

45 minutes into it, I look to the side, nothing there.  So I look down.  There she is.

So, as you may have expected, given the title, the show, for me, was cut short.  “Somebody” wanted to end the night early, they were tired and made it very clear (frustration).  Now, I seek catharsis.

So, I will, any time soon, start up a sign-off on Facebook pledging support for Daft Punk to come back to Brazil.

Lesson learned: when they do come back, I will go alone!


P.S: Daft Punk is vintage electronica.

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