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ALBUM – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

ARTIST – Kanye West

YEAR – 2010

Rap.  Hip-Hop.

Don’t think Maria will like this.

Damn fine recording.  Very aggressive and very, very well put together – constructed, I think, is a better vocabulary.

Although I do not necessarily partake, much less indulge, in Mr West’s antics, I really think he deserves credit for creating something new in a time and place where something new was impossible to fathom.

What I am trying to say is that Rap/Hip-Hop seemed old and boring.  Nothing new ever came out, just a bunch of lame-ass wannabe artists.  The late ’90s and early ’00s were aweful for the genre.  Then, Kanye.

Say what you will, he is a star, an entertainer.  50 cent?  Nelly?  Seriously?!  Fuck off.

Back.  Kanye pushed the envelope.  A lot of surprises.  This album, in particular, is probably his Magnus Opus.


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