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ALBUM – Anthology

ARTIST – Nina Simone

YEAR – 2003

In need of inspiration.

I was actually not gonna write anything today.  I don’t know, just didn’t feel like it.  But, as I was submerged in my work (actually just preparing a bunch of papers and memos) “My Baby Just Cares For Me” came on my iTunes playlist.


So, here it is.  Sorry, here SHE is!

Could she be any cooler?!

Well, I usually write little meaningless stories, tales of random events from my life, so I’m thinking, now, should I do that today?

Musically, I have been inspired, cursively, not so much.

Regardless, I will leave you with a thought; something a friend told me earlier today.  Oh, fuck, I forgot…

Oh, I think it was something like “you take yourself too seriously, lighten the fuck up!”.


One Comment

  1. Very nice! Jazz, blues, soul… Thanks for the suggestion!

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