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ALBUM – 41 Original Hits From the Soundtrack of American Graffiti

ARTIST – Various

YEAR – 1973

Homage to P.  Maria will know who I’m talking about, and anyone who has ever read Anthony Burgess’ “A Clockwork Orange”.

To the most important man in my life; someone whom I think does not hear that enough.  All I am is thanks to this guy.

So, in a way, why not pay a small tribute.

This movie, if memory serves, is among his favourites (the other is THE GRADUATE, another classic).  It is a favourite not just because of the story, the movie, but for the soundtrack.

Side note: I recall watching a documentary on the making of “American Graffiti”.  It was directed by George Lucas, yes, him, the man who managed to completely vandalise some of my childhood’s fondest memories and totally destroyand anihilate any expectations I had for his “new” Star Wars trilogy.  Please, let me not get into that.

Anyways, as I was saying, Mr Lucas said, back then, he wanted to direct a “musical”.  Granted.  But not a musical a la SOUND OF MUSIC.  Rather, he wanted the music to be constant, the music to carry the movie, help with the mood and add to the movie-going-experience.  Neat idea, worked, kicked ass!  Awesome movie, even better soundtrack.  Very few are this good.

Then, came 1999.  What a year.  I honestly wish I had never gone in to see the movie I wish not speak of.  I mean, this guy made THX 1138, which, I think, is genious.  He came up with Star Wars, IV, V and VI.  OK!  Enough.

Back to the Man, with a capital M, yes.

Graffiti pans out in the mid ’60s, although it is a ’70s movie.  Those must have been some good, good, fun times.  I mean, the cars, the hype and vibe, the music, the attitude, clothes, purpose.  War was imminent, people were coming of age, in between adolescence and manhood.  Just a very accurate and cool portrait of an era.  And, I must agree, the music does indeed help.  Good idea, Mr Lucas.

P.  I love you, more than you will ever know.  Thank you, for everything.  All of the positive influences, like American Graffiti, The Graduate, good music, for all the counselling, support, patience, my passion for music, life, politics, my love for the arts, culture, for family, for, well, everything.

Like I said, you are the MAN.  Don’t ever forget it.  See you in a little bit, mate!




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