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ALBUM – Hello Nasty

ARTIST – The Beastie Boys

YEAR – 1998

This is a week for celebrating.

Today, in particular, I want to celebrate Adam Yauch.  Congratulations!

Furthermore, I wish to convey my, our, love for THE BEASTIE BOYS.

I have just read (and heard) – shortly after waking up –  that the Beasties are due with another record this coming April 16th (even this video is a celebration).  Today’s news had a sample of their first single, “Make Some Noise”.

“Festivus”!  Kramer’s made-up Holiday.  Nah, I just want to let the good news sink in and enjoy it.  I will suffer from anxiety, obviously, but it will be from the positive kind.

It got me feeling 14 again, that’s how old I was when “Use Your Illusion I and II” came out.  I remember that day vividly.  I forced my mother to take me to the mall and made her wait, standing in line with me at the record store, for my turn to buy the new “Guns”.


That is exactly what I feel when I listen to “Hello Nasty”.  It brings me back to the last time I was in New York (it’s been 13 years).  And, out of pure good luck and fortune, one of my all-time favourite bands were releasing an album.  Of course I listened to this non-stop for the next 13 years.

And of course you know I have a favourite Beasties album, it’s a known fact; “Ill Communication” is by far my favourite.  But that doesn’t mean we cannot appreciate other albums.

This one in particular is just as great.  Less inspiration, maybe.  Rather, I think the trio were in a transitional phase, moving from their ’90s style – adolescence – into their naughties’ maturity/manhood.

Just think back and remember what came out after “Hello Nasty”  Other than pay homage to the Big Apple, they put together a new kind of sound; something that was beginning to appear in this 1998 recording.

P.S: I have just purchased (pre-online-purchase) the new album.  I suggest you do the same.  I reckon it will be worth it.




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  1. Muito bom… adoro!

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