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Category Archives: Blues

ALBUM – Brothers

ARTIST – The Black Keys

YEAR – 2010

I got this album a while back but have, so far, failed to give it proper attention until the past couple of days.

Too bad for me, ’cause the sound is great.

I had not really heard them before this album, so forgive me if some of you think previously recorded material is more inspiring.

I, however, have fallen in love with this band and, particularly, with this album.  The sound is hard to describe, rock n’ roll, bluesy, smokey and hazy pub-like.

I reckon an opinion will be better formed after listening to “Brothers”.  So, go right ahead.


ALBUM – The Essential Bo Diddley

ARTIST – Bo Diddley

YEAR – 2001

Sunday, such a lazy day.  Today is a particularly warm and sunny and beautiful day.  The afternoon approaches its halfway mark.  Almost too much in a trance to even write.

No phone calls, no nothing, just sitting around the house doing what I want to do – mostly things I think about doing all week long, but cannot get done due to work.  I cherish Sundays, these moments in particular.  It is quite joyful being alone and having time for yourself.

For instance, I was just thinking that I had not made a “mix tape” in forever.  I have always had this idea that the ultimate mix tape was something attainable, doable.  Right.  I have com to my senses.

But a funny thing happened, something came to me.  You see, mix tapes are like small musical time capsules.  In a way, were it not for the wear and tear, these mix tapes are timeless.  They are, in more ways than one, similar to a photograph or a movie.  Actually, come to think of, music may be the best memory revival drug there is.  Or, if not an instrument for nostalgia, it is a definite mood setter.

Of course al this talk about music is quite obvious.  Regardless, there is a point I wish to make.

And the point is: when you listen to Bo Diddley you feel the music, you feel the mood, the sweatiness, the mugginess, the humidity, the green of the trees, the slowly meandering river, the sound of leather on gravel, the creaking noise of the door.  It is this mood I am in right now.  Something in my mind is telling me this is what the South is like.  It probably is.

As was noted in a classic, America’s South is so rich in culture and variety and life that it seems to reflect the real America, what it once was, in its original state.  I really wish I get an opportunity to visit – or live – in the region.  Everything, from the music to the culinary traditions, is very seductive.

I have no recollection of  a place that has a similar vibe, or, in this case, that presents itself in this manner.  It is a unique place, a state of mind, really.  The air of the South, the culture, the reality, when you compare it to what the rest of America looks and feels like, seems a bit off.  That is to say, it does not seem to fit.  Anybody feel this way?

I really cannot write much about Mr Diddley, apart from the fact that he is a master of his art.  He is a God, a legend, a myth, something that needs not be written in stone for his time on this earth will be remembered through common sense and culture.  This type of man is hard to come by, much in the same way is his music.

This is so cool, I wish I could travel back in time in order to able to see his set, live, back when he was starting out.  Just thinking about it gives me the goose bumps.

Please check this out, then.  In particular, I wish to mention a few of his gems contained in this release.  “Bo Diddley”, of course and obviously, just like “I’m a Man”.  And, finally, my personal favourite “I can Tell”.