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ALBUM –Rumble: The Best of Link Wray

ARTIST – Link Wray

YEAR – 1993

Listen to track 15, “I’m Branded”, by Link Wray.  Ok, now go and listen to ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT’S “On a Rope“.  Let me know what you think.

Go listen to The Skatalites, then listen to some Brazilian – piece of shit, ball sucking – band, called Skank.  You cannot get more in-your-face-plagiarism than that there.  Really?!  Go check it out.


Movie Reference number one: Tarantino’s PULP FICTION.  Track 1, “Rumble” is on there, on the soundtrack, I mean.  And I am sure all of you have heard it.  Kick ass, eh?!

Movie reference number two: David Fincher’s FIGHT CLUB.  Haha!  Nope, no song is on there, I just wanted to quote something, “when you have insomnia, everything feels like a copy of a copy of a copy…”.

Book reference number one: Chuck Palahniuk’s FIGHT CLUB.  Same line, different quote, “This is how it is with insomnia.  Everything is far away, a copy of a copy of a copy.”

So there, I just wanted to use the FIGHT CLUB reference in order to use the word “copy” a lot.

I also think Palahniuk makes a unique critique (no pun intended) of the modern capitalist society; that is, everything seems to revolve around the concept, for us, the people, of copying something or imitating or mimicking.  No?! Fuck off, then.


Fred Lincoln “Link” Wray Jr (May 2, 1929 – November 5, 2005) fucking kicks ass!!!

Listen to the album.  Really, do.  He just kills.  Kills, kills, kills.  Wicked guitar riffs much?!
I understand, no, actually, I don’t, but who cares.  I just think I understand why people would copy his shit: they know they can do no better.

Thanks to Maria, my lovely sister for the inspiration and title of the post.  Oh yeah, also for Bonut (Donut and Bone) and Cog (Cat and Dog).


ALBUM – Tiny Music…Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop

ARTIST – Stone Temple Pilots

YEAR – 1996

I know.  What an idiot, their best album is “Core” or “Purple”.  FUck off!  I like “Tiny Music”.

Although, I do think Purple is their best effort – but I will get into that later, another time, another place.

It just so happens that I had this CD here in front of me and I said “WTF?!  Let’s give it a try”.  It does bring back fond memories and manages to distract my senses.  You see, I smell like doggie medicine; it fell all over my trousers.   But nevermind.

So, of course the best track is “Big Bang Baby”; video is also pretty neat.

But I really like “Seven Caged Tigers”, probably my favourite.

The day, today, had been going by quite slowly, then came traffic and then the afternoon.  Almost done, now.




ALBUM – Judgement Night

ARTIST – Various

YEAR – 1993

Ottawa, Ontario,  Canada.

It was winter, if memory serves (it doesn’t, but, whatever), and my friends and I (Jamie, Brendan and Mike) watched this for the first time.

Obviously, we thought the movie was cool, even though we didn’t really get the violence and the nonsense fiction of it all (you have to watch it again to realise that what happens in the movie is way far fetched).

What stood out the most, even back then, while we were going through our grunge, I love Steppenwolf and Led Zeppelin phases, was the music.

This soundtrack should go down in history.  Not just because it is wicked, but because it brought acts together that not even in my wildest of dreams I would have thought of matching up, i.e. Teenage Fanclub and De La soul.

Particularly, “Fallin'” is probably my favourite track.  Although I must say a have a penchant for “Just Another Victim”, by Helmet and House of Pain.  I love the heavy metal/rap transition.  “…I’ll serve your ass like John MacEncroe”.  Cool.

So, kids, enjoy.



ARTIST – Pearl Jam

YEAR – 1993

Great album.

Their second, if memory serves me.

I remember watching the MTV Video Music Awards back in 1993 and they played “Animal”, prior to the album’s release.  I was, obviously, a big fan already.

Pearl Jam also played alongside Neil Young, remember “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World”?!

Pretty cool.


ALBUM – Brothers

ARTIST – The Black Keys

YEAR – 2010

I got this album a while back but have, so far, failed to give it proper attention until the past couple of days.

Too bad for me, ’cause the sound is great.

I had not really heard them before this album, so forgive me if some of you think previously recorded material is more inspiring.

I, however, have fallen in love with this band and, particularly, with this album.  The sound is hard to describe, rock n’ roll, bluesy, smokey and hazy pub-like.

I reckon an opinion will be better formed after listening to “Brothers”.  So, go right ahead.


ALBUM – Sea Of Cowards

ARTIST – The Dead Weather

YEAR – 2010


Very rushed post.  Going out with the lovely  M.

Just wanted – and had to – say that this album kicks ass!!!

It is amazing, just brilliant, wow…

My sister went to their show a little while ago and said they were wicked live, so raw.  This is along those lines, pure rock ‘n roll.


ALBUM – The Essential Bo Diddley

ARTIST – Bo Diddley

YEAR – 2001

Sunday, such a lazy day.  Today is a particularly warm and sunny and beautiful day.  The afternoon approaches its halfway mark.  Almost too much in a trance to even write.

No phone calls, no nothing, just sitting around the house doing what I want to do – mostly things I think about doing all week long, but cannot get done due to work.  I cherish Sundays, these moments in particular.  It is quite joyful being alone and having time for yourself.

For instance, I was just thinking that I had not made a “mix tape” in forever.  I have always had this idea that the ultimate mix tape was something attainable, doable.  Right.  I have com to my senses.

But a funny thing happened, something came to me.  You see, mix tapes are like small musical time capsules.  In a way, were it not for the wear and tear, these mix tapes are timeless.  They are, in more ways than one, similar to a photograph or a movie.  Actually, come to think of, music may be the best memory revival drug there is.  Or, if not an instrument for nostalgia, it is a definite mood setter.

Of course al this talk about music is quite obvious.  Regardless, there is a point I wish to make.

And the point is: when you listen to Bo Diddley you feel the music, you feel the mood, the sweatiness, the mugginess, the humidity, the green of the trees, the slowly meandering river, the sound of leather on gravel, the creaking noise of the door.  It is this mood I am in right now.  Something in my mind is telling me this is what the South is like.  It probably is.

As was noted in a classic, America’s South is so rich in culture and variety and life that it seems to reflect the real America, what it once was, in its original state.  I really wish I get an opportunity to visit – or live – in the region.  Everything, from the music to the culinary traditions, is very seductive.

I have no recollection of  a place that has a similar vibe, or, in this case, that presents itself in this manner.  It is a unique place, a state of mind, really.  The air of the South, the culture, the reality, when you compare it to what the rest of America looks and feels like, seems a bit off.  That is to say, it does not seem to fit.  Anybody feel this way?

I really cannot write much about Mr Diddley, apart from the fact that he is a master of his art.  He is a God, a legend, a myth, something that needs not be written in stone for his time on this earth will be remembered through common sense and culture.  This type of man is hard to come by, much in the same way is his music.

This is so cool, I wish I could travel back in time in order to able to see his set, live, back when he was starting out.  Just thinking about it gives me the goose bumps.

Please check this out, then.  In particular, I wish to mention a few of his gems contained in this release.  “Bo Diddley”, of course and obviously, just like “I’m a Man”.  And, finally, my personal favourite “I can Tell”.



ALBUM – Contra

ARTIST – Vampire Weekend

YEAR  – 2010

Well, well…

A Happy New Year to all, belated, of course.  I´ve been terribly busy since I got back from a few days on holiday.  And, let me tell you 3 (4, now that Phil´s a reader), what a year´s end.  I have actually taken up what I call “book-writing”.  Yes, indeed, I´ve started writing what I hope will be a book, someday.

But, on the book later, right?  How about a little bit more on the couple of days off work?  No?  Alright, then, I won´t mention anything else related to my New Year´s break, only that this new year has been very generous.  I have found love – the most unexpected kind.  The Love Story is somewhat complicated, but nevertheless, a “lovely” one!  See what I did there?  Pun intended. 

I have to seriously consider watching less “The Thick of It“.  I´ve seen Season 3, whole, three or four times already.  It´s brilliant, though, a good laugh.

But on to the MUSIC, for fuck´s sake.  This is a hot-straight-out-of-the-oven release.  I haven´t even heard it with careful ears yet.  But so far, so good.  It´s got a bit more of a “world music” sort of feel to it – it´s almost exotic.  Then, there´s the usual upbeat tracks, like “Cousins“. 

I really like this band, and I know this is very bandwagonny of me to say (write), but it´s true.  I always keep their debut album around  – it´s still a great listen.  This new release seems to be one of those “keeper-arounders”, too.  So, I hope you like it.  Cheers…

P.S: the post´s title was originally “Beirut” – some will get it, others will not.

ALBUM – xx

ARTIST – The xx

YEAR – 2009 (this one that ends, shortly)

A bad case of the mondays.  Yeah, Maria, you and your band, and the movie reference.

A bad case of “I haven’t posted in forever, so, being that I’m doing absolutely nothing, I might as well give it a try”.  So, here it is, probably my last entry this year.

I recently discovered this band.  Let me just clarify something: I am completely “out of it” as to what’s hot and what’s not in the music industry.  I’m out of the loop with contemporary good music.  I learned about The xx through Pitchfork and The Guardian online newspaper.  Both had really good reviews.  Actually, just this week, The Guardian closed out the week with a final Top 10 list – the best albums of 2009.  Guess which was atop?

So, given that the album has been in my iTunes library for some time now and all the positive vibe, I decided I’d really give this outfit a try.  To my surprise, I was shocked – obviously.  It’s a brilliant, brilliant effort.  I think I remember an adjective used in describing the album, which I feel fits perfectly: minimalist.  I would add “clean”.  Now, I’m not trying to jump on any bandwagon, but I think these guys and girls have opened up a new path.

There seems to be a perfect marriage of electronic with rock, something like that, anyways.  It’s really soft and subtle, yet powerful.  It’s bittersweet, like a cold, moist, hazy day, but as desolate as it may sound, there’s a warmth to it, a comfortable sensation – calm and soothing.  It’s hypnotic, eh?!

Trust me, I think The xx will leave a good impression, and a lasting one.  I can’t get enough of this.  It makes me feel as if I’m back in the eighties, but some sort of contemporary eighties.  There’s lots of that decade’s influence mixed in to this album, along with some new and very effective ingredients.  And the quality of the production is impeccable.

Really, if you haven’t listened to this, regardless of what’s trendy and “in”, take my advice and try this on for size.  It will not disappoint, you have my word.

In closing the post, then, and probably the year, I can only say that I love getting this feeling.  This little something that makes you happy, that comes from I have no idea where.  All I know is that it doesn’t come around often.  It’s the sensation you get when you come around something as good as this album.  Does anybody know what I’m talking about?  That “I have absolutely no expectations but have just been bombarded with positive emotions” feeling?  Well, I do and I enjoy it thoroughly.  This is a real holiday treat.  Just in time, eh?!

Some songs to consider: “Intro” (drums are wicked) and “Basic Space”.  All are incredible, these are just two that stood out.  Happy Holidays, New Year’s and all the rest.  Cheers…


ALBUM – Veckatimest

ARTIST – Grizzly Bear

YEAR – 2009

I can´t believe I finally got a chance – given the small break I got at work – to write back to back posts.  Pretty neat, I almost don´t want to write.  I don´t want to come off as repetitive or annoying.  Plus, the drama of waiting for the next post is, I think, worth it.  Lastly, I don´t want to lower expectations – If they were ever high.  I hope this blog is worth the read and that expectations are low, so if and when you do come across it, it´ll be better than what you exepcted.

However, we must focus.  “Veckatimest” is a brilliant piece of music.  The name of the album, I just found out, is after an island in Massachussetts – I thought it was some crazy made up name.  If you think about it, it makes sense, I mean, the band are called “Grizzly Bear“, and they come out with an album named “Veckatimest”?!

The album was well recieved, and it should have been, by critics.  It was not by me.  I have a delayed reaction to things, very delayed.  So, it took me two or three tries before I really got into the music.  And, the thing is, that once you´re in it, it´s hard to pull away.  It´s really that good. 

The album has a crisp, morning dew kind of feel.  Very sweet and tender, almost gentle.  It is very melodic and has a nice pace to it.  It doesn´t rush, but most importantly, it doesn´t feel like a draggin on kind of album.  It´s got a good mix of material, both dense and rich with musical instruments and vocals and simpler tracks, with fewer guitars and poignant vocals. 

I really enjoy the band´s sound.  It is, again, good to know that there are bands out there that actually work to have a good sound, that are actually good musicians and put an effort into producing and recording it.  That´s what this album feels like, a genuine effort.  It is a pleasant listen, and pretty straight forward, but once you´ve given it a third or fourth or fifth go around, you´ll start realising how precious the music is, how much effort was put in to making this recording.  These guys are really good musicians and seem to have a grasp of what they are doing (something rare these days). 

Of course, the now popular “Two Weeks” stands out as one the catchier tunes.  It is a great song, but I´ve fallen for a certain “Cheerleader”.  I love it, just love it.  The other talked about track, “While You Wait For the Others”, is just as intriguing.  Overall, I reckon all tracks deserve a mention.  I´ve only expressed my personal liking and attachment.