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Category Archives: Ska

ALBUM – Destruction by Definition

ARTIST – The Suicide Machines

YEAR – 1996


“Hey! What’s goin’ on?
Hey! What went wrong?
Hey! I don’t know why…
Hey! I might as well try! Buy

Well, I looked around this crazy place and tried to make some sense of it…
Robbed a bank and stole a car and tried to put some dents in it
AND everybody is playing games
I don’t know what to make of it
Don’t play your stupid games you know I don’t need all that fucked up shit

No one ever told me I was gonna get older
Turned 21 and I thought my life was over
Took a long time to get where I am now
And I’m not gonna sit around wondering how, no!

Well I listen to your fuckin’ shit I can’t make any sense of it
‘Cause what goes in does not come out, you’ve gotta put two cents in it
You’re just a blob of fuckin’ jell you’re brain is floating in space
And if your brain was worth a quarter I’d get twenty-six cents back in change!

No one told me that the grass would be greener
I’ve done a lot of things since the last time that I seen her
No one ever told me it would be this way
That’s why you can’t make any sense out of anything I say!

My world is crumbling and I don’t know what to do
It’s falling down around me ‘cause I’m thinking of you
If we take a look at our world today
Are our morals on decline or have we all gone insane?

Hey! What’s goin’ on?
Hey! What went wrong?
Hey! I don’t know why…
Hey! I might as well try”

And that’s all I have to say about that…  Wicked song!!!  Have a good weekend.


ALBUM – Firme

ARTIST – Voodoo Glow Skulls

YEAR – 1995

Fast, fast, fast.  Very fast-paced album.


Track 2 is ths shit!  “Closet, Clostet Monster Closet…”.

At the time I got this album, back in ’95, I was very much in to punk and ska.  Anything I could get my hands on.  The faster the better.


ALBUM – Operation Ivy

ARTIST – Operation Ivy

YEAR – 1991

Fiat Uno, 6 people tightly packed.

We were all pretty drunk and overwhelmed by Brazil’s victory over Holland (our goalie, Taffarel, the hero, managed to stop two penalty shots).  No, I will not mention what happened after, in the Finals.

On our way to BG (Baixo Gávea) for the post-game celebration.  I was a tad younger then but had already developed a very strong liking to SKA/PUNK.

Maybe it came from watching all those stake videos with all the punk music; probably.

Regardless, this album is the all-time greatest SKA/PUNK album of all time (I know, I wrote it twice, for the effect).

All the songs are wicked.  They are so fast and so short, you can listen to the entire album (27 tracks) in a half-hour.  And, of course, you do a repeat, and another, and another.

I often mention my sister here, but it has a purpose.  For instance, while she was on a trip she got me the CD (I had before but it got lost along the way).  I have it at home, stored away nice and tidy.  It is one of those keepers.  Not something to be downloaded.  Actually, this is something to be listened to on a cassette or turntable (on vinyl).  Damn technology!

The lead singer, Jesse Michaels, has an awesome, raw and raspy voice (Tim Armstrong went on to form Rancid).  All those grunts and coarse screams are amazing.  He had another project, later on, called Common Rider (I have two of their albums, again, thanks to my sister that managed to find them in a record store nearby where she went to school) and it is pretty good, too.  Not like OpIvy, though.  Nothing will ever come close.

Well, back to the ’98 World Cup.  We used to listen to “Smiling” over and over again.  And that’s what was playing on our way from my house to BG.  We used to bang the shit out of the car when the chorus came alone “Smiling when your friends are watching, smiling when your friends are watching…”.

Fuck, just listen to it.



ALBUM – The Bruce Lee Band

ARTIST – The Bruce Lee Band

YEAR – 1997

Finally, I get to post some ska/punk.  I know I´ll get lots (I wish) of nasty looks and replies (only I read my blog, so no hope for any sort of argument on the matter) regarding the nature of this recording.  Ska or punk or just rock or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. 

The reason for the title of the post, as many of you may guess, is a shout out to a friend who gave me a bottle of the Vodka for my birthday.  I can´t wait to crack it open.

All I know is that this little outfit is hands-down one of my all-time favourite ska albums ever.  Probably right up there in number three.  Really, I like this album that much.  It´s that good, at least in my opinion, which is the point of this blog, right?

So, I´ll continue chatting with myself.  The recording came at a particular time in my life – one filled with happiness and loads of summer fun and surfing and skating.  I reckon the vibe of the album sort of reflects that, it´s also pretty upbeat and cheerful. 

The lyrics are genious in “Don´t sit next to me just because I´m Asian”.  But I guess the band doesn´t focus on the writing.  It seems to rely on their casual, simple, yet brilliant ska riffs and melodies.  How can you not like these guys?  Just so you know, my favourite track is “Konsomida”.  Don´t ask me why, it just is.  I really like “Calling for me”, as well; it´s more of a straight punk song than ska, but it was featured in a really cool skate movie we used to watch back in the day, so it stuck with me. 

Some others to consider are “Hongulmamotaya” and “Brother, brother”.  Mind you, all the tracks are perfect, I´m just sorting some out in case you choose to listen to a few on Lastfm.  All of you readers (me, probably not my sister, who is busy with real things and maybe a friend or two) should check this out.  It is hard to come by, so I recommend an iTunes or Amazon download.  I just purchased the CD; my original copy was lost in time.